Gluten Free, Allergies, and Vegans, Oh My!

Picking the right menu to please your vegan sister, steak loving father, and great aunt with celiac disease can be challenging enough for Sunday supper. Accommodating those dietary restrictions (and perhaps more) on a wedding menu can make the biggest dinner party of your life seem like a crash course at Le Cordon Bleu.

In honor of Food Allergy Awareness Week, we wanted to give you the run down on how 24 carrots catering and events handles allergies and dietary preferences.


Depending on what restrictions your guests may have, we are able to easily adjust many of our main menu items. Some common menu modifications include: cheese on the side, eliminating nuts, etc.

However, for the cautious hostess, we also do have a dedicated vegan and vegetarian menu, offering a couple dozen hors d’oeuvres, salads, and entrees that are pre-designated vegetarian or vegan without any amendments.

In your personalized tasting and detailing meeting with your 24 carrots Event Designer, we walk you through the best options to accommodate your guests. You’ll then be given some homework – a table service order form that lets us know important information: how many guests are at each table, what order they’re to be served in, along with any and all notable allergies or specialty meals. It is also essential to distinguish whether a guest has an allergy, or a preference (i.e. gluten), so we may prepare accordingly.

On your event day, we’ll use your notes to address each guest’s allergy (and they’ll thank you for being so thoughtful!).

Whether it’s a simple adjustment or having a completely gluten free, vegan menu, specialty meals are a part of our standard service to ensure that you’re celebrating to your fullest party-potential!

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