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Menu Tastings

Private menu tastings that focus on you

At 24 Carrots, we don’t think of you as just another customer. You have unique tastes and preferences, so when you visit us for a tasting of our acclaimed catering menu it should be just as unique! While it’s common for other caterers to offer pre-scheduled group tastings with a generic menu set by the chef, we take a different approach. Our tastings are private and personalized just for you.

Get the one-on-one attention you deserve

Our intimate menu tastings are part of what makes 24 Carrots unlike any other caterer. You are joined by your personal Catering + Event Specialist, who leads you through the process of selecting your menu, as well as a private server, who ensures your experience is just right. Since we don’t do group sessions, we’re able to take the time to get to know you and focus all of our attention on perfecting the meal for your event.

24 carrots Private Menu Tastings
24 carrots Private Menu Tastings

Enjoy the same meal as your guests

During your private menu tasting, you’ll be served the same meal your guests will enjoy on the day of your event. Unlike some caterers that lure you in with an appetizing tasting and then disappoint with a lesser quality meal when it really matters, 24 Carrots chefs ensure your meal will taste exactly the same. You’ll get to see full table mockups for your event too, including china and linens, so you can immerse yourself in the experience. And since you’ll be trying a lot of different foods during your tasting, we’ll even pack up the leftovers for you to enjoy later!

Ready to start planning your event? So are we!