Meet The
24 Carrots Team

24 Carrots is proud to have the most talented and hardest working team in Southern California. While we all have unique skills and come from different backgrounds, there is one thing we share: A genuine passion for helping people make unforgettable memories together.

Norm Bennett
Founder and President
Laura Fabian
Chief Executive Officer
Dave Fabian
Chief Financial Officer
Lynn Wagoner
Chief Business Development Officer
Jonas Spaugh
Director of Operations
Elise Luna
Director of Sales
Carizza Rose
Director of Marketing & Creative
Andrew DeGroot
Director of Food & Beverage
Brenda Alcaraz
Director of Human Resources
Alyssa Hayes
Director of Service Development
Connie Thadewaldt
Executive Chef of Kitchen Operations
Devon Junkin
Executive Sous Chef
Janae Bueno
Executive Pastry Chef
Alex Pinedo
Kitchen Manager
Jose Munoz
Beverage Manager
Kimberlyn Richardson
Senior Catering & Event Sales Manager
Chelsea Cook
Senior Catering & Event Production Manager
Michele Maney Davis
Senior Catering & Event Sales Manager
Heather Brebner
Senior Catering & Event Sales Manager
Morgan Mauriello
Catering & Event Production Manager
Erandi Morales-Foster
Catering & Event Sales Manager
Kristin Howe
Catering & Event Sales Manager
Molly Weber
Catering & Event Production Manager
Melissa Keller
General Manager of Venues
Elizabeth Prevel
Venue & Event Manager Franciscan Gardens
Amanda Bartel
Venue & Event Manager
Ole Hanson Beach Club
Sarah Nye
Hotel & Venue Manager
The Richland
Bree Gollette
Venue & Event Producer
The Richland
Beth Schallert
Venue & Event Manager
Rancho Las Lomas
Anna Freeberg
Venue & Event Producer
Rancho Las Lomas
Shane Fitzgerald
Venue & Events Manager
The Colony House
Shae Hagen
Venue & Event Producer
The Colony House
Lauren Fay
Client Experience Manager
Tony Contreras
Catering & Event Producer
Anna Ellwein
Venue & Event Assistant
Franciscan Gardens
Nasime Khoshkbaryeh
Venue & Event Producer
Franciscan Gardens
London Walker
Operations Manager
Katherine Jimenez
Assistant Hotel Manager
The Richland
Nicole Crawford
Corporate Manager
John Chambers
Facilities Manager
Tom Rogers
Packing Manager
Monica Tepox
Linens Manager
Paige Perez
Marketing & PR Manager
Arielle Ortega
Creative Design Manager
Heather Lozano
Accounting Manager
Stephanie Hansen
Front of House Manager
Bernice Gutierrez
Accounts Receivable Specialist
Emily Gordon
Executive Assistant to the CEO
Kylee Millman
Staffing Administrative Assistant
Monica Gonzalez
Human Resources Administrative Assistant

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