You’re Engaged – Now What?!

Congratulations – you said yes! And just like that, welcome to one of the most wonderfully exhilarating and attention-consuming periods of your life.

Post-engagement season means bridal magazines are flying off the racks, guest lists are being drafted, and dreams are coming true! As we are often one of the first calls a bride makes, we’d like to share some pro tips on the first wedding planning steps.


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Make a List, Check it Twice

The holidays may be over, but your list making is not! The two biggest deciding factors before you proceed with anything will be your guest list and ideal budget. With these two numbers in mind, you’ll be able to approach the planning process with a price per person, and adjust your wish list accordingly.


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The Venue Hunt

Armed with the information above, you’ll be ready to tackle the big one: where (and when!) all at once. We find that though this tends to be one of the more time-consuming tasks, it is well worth the effort to find a space that fits you two best. The venue sets the tone for the rest of the wedding, and the availability to confirm your date will affect all other vendors on board! We are thrilled to be the exclusive or preferred caterer at more than 45 of Southern California’s most spectacular properties:


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Hire a Planner

If you haven’t booked a wedding planner yet, now would be the perfect time to start looking for one. Though 24 Carrots is known for going above and beyond, there is no replacement for a professional wedding planner. A planner will be your lifesaver and expert through the wedding planning process – we promise your future self will thank you for it!


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We also encourage regularly scheduled non-wedding planning date time. Be sure to take time away from the hustle and bustle to enjoy each other and remember the end goal of it all!

Happy planning!

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