Strawberry Balsamic Salsa

While we enjoy fresh, summer strawberries on their own or to complement sweets, this easy recipe for our strawberry balsamic salsa is such a great topping for many savory dishes!



¼’d whole strawberries

Balsamic Vinegar

Cane Sugar

Kosher Salt

Fresh Black Pepper

Fresh Basil

Wisk the sugar, salt, and black pepper with the balsamic vinegar. Add enough sugar to take the bite out of the vinegar; it shouldn’t sting the back of your throat, but also shouldn’t be too sweet. Once the spices have been mixed in and dissolved, add the strawberries and let marinate for 30 minutes. Use just enough balsamic to marinate the strawberries, it shouldn’t be soupy. (In essence, you’re macerating the berries.) Once the strawberries have marinated, drain the liquid per your liking and then add the basil.

Now toss with your favorite salad, add to a salmon or grilled chicken dish, or use it as a topping for cheesecake or bagels and cream cheese! And if you have some left over after your meal, you can even use it as a topping for ice cream! Trust us, it’s delicious!

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