Chef’s Tour to Suzie’s Organic Farm

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At 24 carrots  we are committed to supporting small, local organic farms; so when we were approached by LA Specialty Teams to spend a day at Suzie’s Farm, where we get most of our fresh seasonal and organic produce, we were fully onboard!  We got the opportunity to meet the actual farmer’s that work hard everyday to produce the food that nourishes our guests.  We were able to deepen our connection to our food and broaden our understanding of how a farm works.

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Suzie’s Farm is a 140-acre USDA-certified organic farm located thirteen miles south of downtown San Diego. They grow over 100 varieties of seasonal vegetables, herbs, flowers, and fruits, year-round. Suzie’s farm-ily includes 85 employees, a handful of happy farm dogs (that we had the privilege of petting), and a fleet of 300 egg-laying hens.  Like other certified organic farms, Suzie’s Farm does not use chemicals on its crops but rather natural herbicides and pesticides, such as lemongrass oil and clove oil.

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As we toured and walked along the rich soil we were able to learn about planting seeds, bringing in the harvest, composting, and discovered how seeds that were over hundred of years old became plants. Suzie’s farm specializes in heirloom vegetables—something that never seems to go out of demand.  Benefits of heirloom plants are their superior flavor, color, size, and production. Some varieties of heirloom plants can be traced back hundreds of years and have been cultivated by Native Americans.

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What’s in season this summer?
Summer Squash
Bulb Onions

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We were so fortunate to be able to u-pick vegetables that day and be able to stop by the Farm Stand for our seasonal favorites!

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We love incorporating Suzie’s vegetables into our 24 carrots menus! Ask us about our local, organic, in-season menu offerings with raves from omnivores, vegans & every kind of guest in between.

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Photo Credit: Marlin Salazar Photography

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