The Top Questions to Ask Your Wedding Caterer… Answered

Finding the best caterer for your wedding involves much more than just tasting the food, so today I am joined by Event and Design Specialist, Carizza Rose of 24 carrots, who has provided us answers to the top questions that will help you prepare for your big day.  After all, a wedding is an event of a lifetime, and you’re only taking efforts to make it memorable for yourself and your guests.

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Janet: What size of events does 24 carrots cater?

Carizza:  Whether hosting 10 of your closest friends for a special occasion, 400 guests for a lavish event, or planning a backyard Garden Wedding, we pour in the same care and dedication to each event, to ensure that the event is executed flawlessly and that you get to enjoy your celebration.


{Photo Credit: Studio EMP Photography}
{Photo Credit: Studio EMP Photography}

Janet: What do you do best and why do so many clients end up booking with 24 carrots?

Carizza: We believe in the complete guest experience. From the minute guests arrive to your wedding, they’re attended to. Special touches come standard for us, such as a welcome beverage, bride and groom service during cocktail hour, or complimentary cake cutting. We make sure that we create an atmosphere in which people are blown away by the excellent food and the quality of service.


Janet: What range of menu options and courses does 24 carrots offer?

Carizza: We offer a variety of outstanding cuisine that we all personally love and have sampled ourselves. And because everybody’s taste buds differ, we don’t limit ourselves to the standard menus. Our chefs are always up for a challenge and we’re always looking for ways to expand our culinary horizons. We believe that food is a journey and we want to take you along for the ride.

{Photo credit: Studio EMP Photography}

Janet: Could a client sample your menu?

Carizza: Of course! Our complimentary, intimate menu tastings are part of what makes 24 carrots unlike any other caterer. You are joined by your personal Event & Design Specialist, who leads you through the process of selecting your menu and makes sure that your experience is just right. Since we don’t do group sessions, we’re able to take the time to get to know you and focus all of our attention on perfecting the meal for your event.


Janet: How many times will a client be meeting with you and will you be present at a client’s wedding or special event?

Carizza: Every experience is unique to each couple, but regardless of how many times we meet, you’re always our priority. We work closely with outstanding wedding professionals who have nothing less than your best interest in mind. We’ll not only be there through the planning process to create a delightful menu and arrange logistics, but we’ll also be there the day of your wedding.


Janet: Will  24 carrots be providing tables, chairs, plates, table linens, silverware, salt and pepper shakers, and more?

Carizza: We can coordinate and provide full- service rentals for you or you can arrange your own.  Typically we find that it’s less of a burden on you if we take care of it, since it makes for a shorter to-do list for you! 24 carrots takes the burden of day-to-day management off your shoulders and frees you to focus on the fun parts.


Janet: Does 24 carrots offer food for certain dietary restriction, such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc?

Carizza: Absolutely – we regularly cater for gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan requests and are happy to provide for any specific requirements you may have. Just let us know ahead of time and those guests are attended to with extra care.



Janet: Does 24 carrots provide liquor, what about signature cocktails?

Carizza: Yes – We have a talented bar manager and mixologists to help you create the perfect cocktails and food wine pairings.  Tell us your favorite liquors and even your color palette of your wedding and we can make it happen!
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Janet: What is your staffing ratio?

Carizza: Since every event has its nuances and challenges, so we believe that boiler-plate staffing formulas don’t work. Based on what we learn about your needs relative to service caliber and budget, our detailed catering proposal will show you exactly how many chefs and wait staff you’ll need. We always want to ensure we have enough hands on deck so that everyone gets fed in a timely manner.  All of our staff is trained in-house the 24 carrots way, which means that exceptional service is consistent through and through.


Janet: Where is the food prepared?

Carizza: All of our food is cooked fresh (never frozen) on-site by our chefs. This in turn means quality of food is exquisite and that you get the best culinary experience possible. We often build out satellite kitchens, which means that even if your wedding venue doesn’t provide a kitchen space, it’s not a hindrance to us, because we just bring our own! Our chefs are not only professionally trained in the kitchen, but also trained as event chefs, which means that whatever challenges may arise on site, they can adjust and accommodate – which is especially important in weddings.


Janet: Do you provide cake cutting?

Carizza: No matter what the occasion (wedding, corporate grand opening, birthday celebration, etc.), we provide a complimentary cake cutting when we are providing the meal for the event.


Janet: If a wedding is centered around a theme, would 24 carrots be able to accommodate me with details and décor?

Carizza: Our Executive Chef at 24 carrots, Chef Ashley, will partner with Creative Art Director, Arpi Torosyan to create and evolve the memorable appetizers, dishes, and desserts and tie it all together with a cohesive theme.  Aside from food styling, Arpi could bring in a variety of vessels, displays, and finishing touches to make your special day truly your own.  Follow our pages on Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram for creative ideas to get you started!

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Janet: What is your favorite menu item?

Carizza: Our Chili and Spice Rubbed Chilean Sea Bass with Cilantro Lime Butter is to die for! Served with our Three Potato Gratin Dauphinoise and Glazed Baby Carrots makes it a dream meal, which is making my mouth water just thinking about it!


Janet: When should a client book their wedding?

Carizza: Absolutely reserve your date with us as soon as possible. We want to make your wedding a priority, so we don’t overcommit ourselves with events. This means we do close dates off to new events, so get in for a tasting, sample the menu, and then book the full experience with us!

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Janet: Any last minute advice?

Carizza: Firstly, take time to enjoy being engaged. It’s easy to get overwhelmed at this time that should be such a joyous occasion. Once you get an idea of your wedding wish list, call us and trust the professionals to guide you along. We get to plan weddings every single day and we want nothing but the best for your big day. After all, we’re in this together.


Carizza Rose, 24 carrots Event and Sales Specialist
Meet Carizza Rose, 24 carrots Event and Design Specialist
{Photo Credit: Mike Villa Visuals}

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