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Art of Catering is a yearly conference hosted by Catersource, started by the International Caterers Association, with three days of catering focused culinary education. “For motivated caterers, International Caterers Association is a resource that provides education, encourages peer to peer relationships and inspires creativity while embracing all segments of the catering industry.”

We were honored to have our Executive Chef Ashley Santo Domingo invited to speak to over 500 members on the topic of interactive stations. We get numerous requests for this style of service, and always enjoy seeing guest reactions to such a fun experience. Art of Catering showcased “this is not only an opportunity to provide the guests freshly prepared choices, but also culinary entertainment.” The 24 carrots presentation included five of our newest stations.

BIBIMBOP BOWL STATIONbibimbop modernbibimbop socal greensbibimboip saute2015-08-19_0001bibimbop dishes

SIPHON SOUP STATIONDSC_2951 DSC_3098DSC_2901HOt Siphon Lobster Consome DSC_3005 DSC_3107

DSC_3154 DSC_31742015-08-19_0002 DSC_3186 DSC_3253

MONGOLIAN STATION2015-08-19_0004DSC_35532015-08-19_0003DSC_3782DSC_3773

DSC_3277 DSC_3377DSC_3398 DSC_3458

The culinary world is an ever changing one, as we strive to constantly learn, push new boundaries, honor classics, and reinvent the (cheese) wheel. It is a privilege to provide inspiration to today’s chefs on such an impactful platform. Thank you, Catersource, for allowing us the opportunity to share and be inspired.

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