Like everything else at your wedding (or any event), your favors should be a reflection of YOU. Choose something that not only complements your theme, but also reflects what you’re passionate about – nature, coffee, sweets, booze, traveling… whatever it may be! That being said, quite honestly, nothing beats edible favors. People love something they can immediately enjoy the night of your wedding or the next morning. One of our favorites right now is “coffee for the morning.” Choose your favorite blend, or work with a local coffee shop to possibly make your own!


Other fun “edible” options are exotic flavored oils & salts that your guests can use while cooking. Fancy salts are always that one thing you want to buy for yourself, but never do… so it’ll be a nice treat for everyone. One of my favorite sources for these kinds of gems is The French Farm. Below are a few chef choices: Barbeque Salt (salt and herb mix of rosemary, lavender, and thyme), Crazy Salt (salt and herb mix of paprika, chili, thyme, and pepper), and Butcher Salt (salt and herb blend of rosemary, thyme, sage, and marjoram).


If you want to give something that will last a little longer than edible gifts, these wine stoppers are a great favor idea, as the chalkboard trend is still hot!


Wrapping up, here is a favor station that encompasses everything we talked about: a cohesive theme between your party and guests’ favors, edible versus longer lasting, and making sure it’s something personal.


First photo by Creative Edge Parties
Last photo by Silver Feather Photo; Design by Inviting Occasion